Dilly Dally Alley

Greatest kid-only ski run name I’ve ever skied…while completely hunched over, knees in my chest, ducking tree branches, all while avoiding the 40 ski school kids who are quickly approaching from above.  That’s Dilly Dally Alley.  My kids love it.  Every kid loves it.  That is until they reach about 4’6”, then they fall quickly out of love.

Here’s what else the Huff Kids love in Winter Park:

  1. Besides Dilly Dally Alley, ski White Rabbit. In fact, that whole side of the hill is family friendly. Our oldest skis with his friends. We can spot him from the lift or find him on one of the runs that shoot off White Rabbit. Navigate to White Rabbit off the Zephyr lift from the base. http://www.winterparkresort.com/the-mountain/lift-and-trail-report.aspx
  2. Get your heart racing on Hughes. We love to ski it as fast as we can. And, then we like to sit outside at the Derailer Bar and watch the local ski teams do the same.
  3. Be at Derailer for the 2 p.m. “Crazy Train” start to Apri Ski happy hour. They use to serve a warm liquor drink called a French Kiss. Its not on the menu any more, but just ask. They’ll make it.
  4. Pizza and Bowling. Yep, its worth a trip all the way to the Colorado mountains. Make reservations; its always packed at The Foundry. http://foundry-wp.com/


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