Belize, Best Served Cold

For the last few Spring Breaks, we’ve planned a warm vacation. This year in 2014, after much debate, we decided on Belize. Before I give you sticker shock, let me just state the obvious: The Caribbean is expensive…especially during their dry season. That dry season is one of the major factors to picking a Caribbean location for Spring Break. Belize, like much of that region, has a long rainy season. The best time to travel is between November and April.

We learned from our local guides that the bugs and rain make Belize, and especially the jungles of Belize, pretty miserable between May and October. The worst months are July-October thanks to hurricanes, according to our new friends at Ian Anderson’s Cave’s Branch.
The dry season coincides with the busy travel seasons for North America. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break travel will most likely cost you more. And, since there are more people traveling to Belize then, make your reservations early. We learned the hard way. Traveling with our friends, the Byrne family, we had a good size group of eight (four adults, four kids). Our first pick for the beach leg of our vacation was Hamanasi.We waited a few days too long in January to commit to our travel dates, and lost our chance to stay there. We ended up just down the beach at Almond Beach.

Traveling in the dry, high season, the two-part trip cost us:

Flight, through DFW to Belize City: $972/ticket

Hotel at DFW airport, in order to get decent departure/arrival times into Belize.  We used miles to stay at the Hyatt DFW.  Our friends found off airport hotels for ~$90/night.

Pre-paid eight days in Belize: $3,615.00 for a family of four.  Children under 12 were “free”.  We have elementary aged kids who were “free”.

  • Three days/nights at Cave’s Branch in the jungle. The most economical part of the trip!
  • Four days/nights at Almond Beach resort
  • Ground transportation to Cave’s Branch and Almond Beach
  • Short, in-country flight from Dangriga to Belize City for our exit flight

Plus, we incurred additional costs at Almond Beach, since we didn’t buy all inclusive for that leg of the trip.

Set your budget for the busy, dry season.  You don’t want to spend all your hard-earned vacation dollars on a wet, soggy, bug biting trip to paradise.  If you need more convincing, check out this weather article from San Pedro Journal:

Have you been to Belize?  Did you opt for a less crowded, but rainy summer vacation or a dry, busy holiday?


 The pool at Ian Anderson’s Cave’s BranchCavesBranchPool  Path outside our Cabana at Ian Anderson’s Cave’s BranchCavesBranchPath
 Hopkins, Belize, just down the road from Almond BeachHopkins Boat  Our verenda at Almond BeachAlmondBeachHotel


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