Florida’s Space Coast

October is our new favorite time of the year to visit Florida. And Cocoa Beach may be our new favorite place to stay when we visit.

We stayed at the Sandcastle condo complex on Atlantic Avenue. The buildings are steps from the beach. The beach was sandy white, clean, and safe. The waves were a bit wild thanks to Hurricane Gonzalo that was beating down on Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. That didn’t detour these Coloradan’s from soaking in the sun and jumping in the waves.Florida0001

Check out these VRBOS owned by a Father/Son team. Both are in the same quiet complex. The condo we rented is huge for a two bedroom. It has a fully stocked, giant kitchen. Great beach toys for the kids, including chairs and boogie boards. The furniture is dated, but we don’t pick our VRBOs for the décor. There is a pool and hot tub in the center of the complex. We’ll stay there again.

We picked Cocoa Beach because of its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center. Growing up during the cold war, the space center has been on the bucket list of must see places in the US. It did not disappoint. Budget 5-6 hours for your visit. Because we visited in October, there were no crowds. Thanks to that, we took in all the exhibits that were interesting to us in just a one-day visit.

SaturnV 2Next trip, I’ll plan to go when they have a launch schedule. The calendar is well updated. Wouldn’t it be great to see a rocket launch live!?

The Kennedy Space Center’s site isn’t terrible informative. So, here’s our quick run down on the Must Sees, ranked with our collective favorite at the top of the list:
1. Apollo/Saturn V Center – our favorite of al l the exhibits
2. Space Shuttle Atlantis
3. Shuttle Launch Experience 
4. Rocket Garden 
5. IMAX – we saw “Hubble” narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio

Have you been to Coco Beach? Did you take in the Space Center while you where there? We’d be interested to hear where you stayed so we can check it out for our return trip.




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