Roman Hospitality

Rick Steves hotel recommendations are always spot on. He sends a lot of Americans to the little, boutique hotels he recommends. Which on the surface seems like a bad idea, for us, its been wonderful. The families that run these hotels are always kind. The rooms are always clean. And the locations are perfect for busy days and nights in a new city.Rome Statue

Trip Advisor is our other go-to resource for hotels and accommodations. And, we hope, now that you’ve found us, we’ll be the first source you turn to for travel recommendations.

In Rome, we stayed on Via Firenze at the Hotel Aberdeen. It sits on a small side street, but a short walk from the train station. We took the train in from the airport, then walked the handful of blocks to our hotel.
The day we arrived, the hotel misplaced our reservation. Or, I should say someone misplaced our reservation. Could have been me; perhaps I made the reservation for one day later than our arrival date. Life happens. The people of Hotel Aberdeen were gracious and found us a nearby hotel for the first night of our stay until they had our room available. I can’t say that many American hotels would do the same. The hotel they found for us was tiny, 4 or 5 rooms. It was on the same street, making our transition back to the Aberdeen no trouble.

Read more about of love for this beautiful city, Rome…and Vatican City too.
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