Eat, Drink, Dance, Gamble, Relax, Repeat: Vegas

A flight to Vegas is unlike any you’ll experience in the U.S.

There are two women in the aisle seat across from me who have become fast friends despite that one of the is an over-achieving hipster and the other is an aspiring cat-lady.  A row ahead of them, an older man who is just connecting through Vegas on his way to San Francisco has started a conversation with the two women about of all topics…first aid kits.

“Double Jack. Vodka Cran.”

“Can I write a note to my boyfriend on his cocktail napkin?” ask the Hipster girl who is apparently separated from her boyfriend.  Watching, like its a Bravo reality show, I take a sip of my beer as I look forward to a couples weekend in Las Vegas.  36 hours, six couples. Eating, Drinking, Dancing, Relaxing, and of course, gambling.

In this post, we are sharing two itineraries for Vegas.  One, from our recent couples weekend.  The other from a long-weekend with girlfriends.

Pick your poison!

How to Make the Most of 36 Hours in Vegas…

Girls Weekend, Vegas Style…

Colorado Girls drinking in the Bourbon Room @ The Venetian
Colorado Girls drinking in the Bourbon Room @ The Venetian

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