How To Make the Most of 36 Hours in Vegas

Couples weekend in Vegas is totally dependent on the other couples. Chose wisely, my friends. The six couples we joined for a birthday weekend, were from different parts of the county, with different professions and interests. Which made dinner conversations and hanging out together appealing and more fun, in my opinion.

Night OneVegas Amy 2015

Late afternoon flight after a week of work. Seems like the best way to start a weekend…Friday night dinner in Vegas. For our couples’ trip, we stayed at the Palazzo. Beautiful, huge suites. Actually, that’s all they have, so go for it. Our King room had a massive five-piece bath with a beautiful makeup table.  The suite included a small dining table, a desk, a large sectional and a separate sleeping area.  I could get use to that kinda life!

We enjoyed our first night dinner at Lavo, in the Palazzo. Excellent service. Beautifully designed space. And, amazing food. Here’s their Yelp reviews.  The group ordered apps, and decided the must have is the meatball.  Yum!  Both their pasta and meat dishes were delicious.  But, I think it was the service that made me like this place so much.

After dinner we walked across Las Vegas Blvd to the Mirage to see Wayne Brady, part of the Aces of Comedy theater/tour. He was funny, doing a variation on his “Who Line is it Anyway” comedy. Tickets were reasonable, $43. Be sure to buy your drink before the show starts, no service in the theater.

Day One

This particular trip was only 36 hours. Plenty of time to take in Vegas, if you know you are going to be back.  There is so much to do, and not everyone has to do every thing.  Our big group split up during the day.

Vegas Shoe 2015Some of us brunched at the Cosmopolitan at The Henry.

Some of us hit the Canyon Ranch Spa at the Palazzo.

Some of us went to Ferrari ($10 admission, unless you are with a Ferrari owner).

And some of us went shopping. Unfortunately for my husband, and my terrible handbag habit, there is a Tory Burch store in the Venetian. If you are serious shopper, the Venetian has all the major retails. And, some you’ve never heard of, including my new favorite Uno de 50 out of Madrid.

Night Two

Put the Cosmopolitan Chandelier Lounge on your must do list. Great place to start off the evening.  Enjoy your cocktail among crystals that make up a giant chandelier overlooking the second and third floors of the hotel.  Only in Vegas.

Dinner on our second night was at Javier’s in the Aria. I don’t recommend it. The food was good, but the atmosphere felt more like an upscale cafeteria than fine dining. My husband commented after dinner that there really isn’t gourmet Mexican food.  There is bad Mexican food and good Mexican food.  Javier’s is good Mexican food, but when you are in a town like Vegas that doesn’t cut it. Here’s their Yelp reviews.

The so-so dinner didn’t set the tone for the night, thank gawd. We danced at Tao, at the Venetian. With a little planning (we had birthday girl Jen making all our arrangements) you can get you name on the VIP list as a hotel guest. I can’t imagine not having that access or The All Night Pass for clubbing. Without them, and with the guys, the line would have been way to long and the cover not worth it. Tao is known for the girls in the tubs.  Literally, women sitting in tubs full of all sort of things.  We didn’t go for the tubs, but for the dancing.  And the Tao did not disappoint.

After we had our fill of electronica and the humanity of Tao, we headed deeper into the Venation to the Bourbon Room. Warning!! If you were born after 1981, this is probably not your kinda club. For us, mid-aged, suburban, married people, it was a blast. The crowd was awesome, the music was spot-on, and the music videos and video of the dance floor set the tone for the whole place.

Day Two

The couples’ trip was short and sweet. Day two was nothing more than waking with a headache and aching feet from dancing all night in heels and heading home to our normal, non-Vegas lives.

Can’t wait to go back.

Vegas Girls Jen 2015

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