The Scots Spell Whisky Without an “e”, Maybe That’s Why it Tastes So Good

Our trip to Edinburgh was in April, cool weather but not many tourists. We flew in to Edinburgh and used taxis to get around the city. The taxi drivers were so fun and always interested in America. Their Scottish Brogue was so heavy yet, pleasant. When the drivers spoke to us, my sweet husband would look at me to interpret. I seem to have a better ear for languages.

Edinburgh Royal MileWe started our day at the Edinburgh Castle which was started in the 1100’s. It is the home of the Scottish Crown Jewels (called the Honours of Scotland) and is still used as a current military outpost. After seeing the Castle you start down the famous Royal Mile. An easy walk as it is all downhill, full of great shops and of course the wonderful Whisky Museum. At the Whisky shops you can sample different batches. You can buy small medicinal bottles from any keg you fancy, they are filled as you order it! I fell in love with the creamed whisky – a bit more intense than creamed Irish whiskey.

We had lunch at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern named after the man who inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde. Edinburgh’s history is rich in body snatching mostly from the cemeteries and the less fortunate in dark alleys. Anesthesia was invented in Scotland and amputation was perfected there also.

We spent time in St. Giles Cathedral which dates back to 1485. At the bottom of the Mile we toured Holyrood Palace still owned and used by Queen Elizabeth II. It is a grand palace and lovely gardens next to the ruins a 13th Century Abbey. There is an art gallery on the Palace grounds that should be seen.

We took a taxi to Waverly Bridge to catch a bus tour of the city.  We got off to tour the National Museum of Scotland. We also toured the dock area at Lerth, it is where the Queen’s Yacht, the Britannia is docked. Tours are available.

Scotland is part of Great Britain but is a separate country with its own parliament. As in all of Great Britain the cold water fish and seafood is fresh and abundant. The beef is the best in all of Great Britain, have an Aberdeen filet and a whisky.

Edinburgh School
School in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Church
Church that is part of the City of the Dead tour

St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral

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