Dublin—Best City for Thirsty Travelers

We flew into Dublin in late November, it was cool but nice and sunny. After buying our hop on-hop off bus ticket at the hotel, we started out at Huston station. Our first stop was at Jameson Distillery, we took an easy, light-hearted tour hosted by a great tour guide.

My husband was one of six from the tour who were chosen for a tasting demonstration, the panel of six tasted whiskey from around the world. As for the rest of us, we drank fruit juice with Jameson and watched. Not surprisingly the panel chose the Jameson brands during the blind tasting. We had a nice lunch at the distillery and then caught the next bus.

Our next stop was Christ Church Cathedral which has been the Anglican Cathedral since Henry the VIII, it is the oldest church in Dublin. Our next stop on the bus was St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral where Jonathan Swift is buried. There were little old ladies selling their handmade items as we entered, the funds go to the general up keep of the church. Most of these items make great gifts!

 Dublin Christ Church 3 Dublin Christ Church 5

Back at Huston station we walked across the street to Ryan’s Bar, a lovely old pub that boasts many world-famous patrons. After a few drinks we walked back to our hotel.

Guinness Beer VatThe next morning after breakfast we walked 12 blocks to the Guinness brewery. After an easy self-guided tour we learned the rich history of Guinness and its role in Irish life. The gift shop was stocked with so many items, we purchased quite a lot of items, even golf club covers!

At the end of the tour we were escorted into an elevator to a room at the top of the brewery. It is 360 degrees of glass walls, we could see for hundreds of miles. Each patron is given a pint of fresh poured Guinness Beer. Not a stout beer drinker, I was planning on passing my glass to my husband but after one sip of the velvet liquid I drank it myself!

Our next stop was the National Art Gallery where we were treated to Picasso, Pissarro, 3 marvelous Rembrandt’s and an El Greco.

Dublin is a friendly and historically rich city well worth a few days visit.

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