Glacier National Park, Avalanche Lake

We’d been hiking for a full 90-minutes past a clear, icy, aqua glacial stream on our way up a steep mountain-side toward Avalanche Lake. Along the way we climbed over purple and turquoise rocks. Like nothing any of us had ever seen before. The mountain-side is scarred with fallen trees, from what we can only imagine was an avalanche or series of avalanche that give this hike its name. To get to the hike, we took the Cedar Tree trail. So strange to see Cedar trees this far from the NW coast.

The vertical climb was undersold by the map we passed as we started our hike. Nonetheless, the Huff and Dille kids are tough and muscled through. And it was worth the effort.


Hiking past freshly laid beer scat (yes, we can confirm there are bears in Glacier!), we hiked through chest high berries, ferns and foliage including Devils Club, the mountain peak comes into view. And what an amazing mountain it is. Evan said it as awesome as it was the first time your eyes see the Grand Canyon.

It is so majestic that all your words fall away. Any thoughts you have of being tired or thirsty suddenly don’t matter. All the matters, is this mountain. It reminds you of your place in this world. Small and insignificant compared to the beauty around you.


That is just the inspiration you need to finish the hike. Which ends at Avalanche Lake. Kick your shoes off to wade in the glacial water. Stand in the freezing water and take in the three waterfalls that are streaming from the Sperry Glacier.

The lake sits at the base of 8694-foot Bearhat Mountain, which rises almost 4800 feet. The mountain towards the south is 7886-foot Little Matterhorn. This hike encompasses everything amazing about Glacier National Park: breathtaking views, waterfalls, glacial lake, traces of wildlife, and an undisturbed forest.

Thanks to our Montana Vacation Success families for the recommendation!

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