VRBO San Francisco

Helen introduced us to the Richmond neighborhood, and we are so glad for it.  We found Helen and her cute little second floor apartment on VRBO. Helen’s VRBO.  The apartment has a funky layout, but worked perfectly for a family of four.  By funky, I mean the kitchen is twice the size of mine and very modern, but the living room is tiny and Victorian.

Helen was such a welcoming force that the kids and my husband I couldn’t help but fall in love with her neighborhood.  She met us at the door, saving a parking spot in case we needed it.  Which we didn’t, but appreciated her saving it nonetheless.

Don’t ever rent a car in SF…ever.  Public transportation in the town that invented Uber is the only way to go.

San Fran Trenton Street

The Richmond District is close to Berkeley Beach, Golden Gate Park, and a great street of shopping and restaurants.  SFGate’s write-up on Inner Richmond described just how great this neighborhood is.  Read it here: Inner Richmond

There is a Safeway, for those in-apartment breakfasts and late night movie rentals.  A great Russian bakery, for those of us who take our vacationing seriously and find it impossible to find the motivation to cook even the most simple of breakfasts.  We’re on vacation!!!

The best part about the Richmond neighborhood was living like a local.  The house across the street had kids the same age as ours.  Our kids were fascinated by the idea of these kids living in the city, seeing them get on public bus to ride to school.  Walking home from the grocery store.  All suburban kids need to be exposed to city living.

Can’t wait for our next San Fran family vacation.  What neighborhood would you suggest we try?

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