Stumble into Fun: Quad Cities

After many years of travel, I’ve learned that location really does matters. But, not as much as mind-set. Sometimes, I land in glamorous, must be places like New York, San Francisco, or Paris. And sometimes, I find myself in Moline, Illinois. Regardless, I can still stumble into a night of fun. And so can you. So, open yourself up to new experiences. You just might find yourself 10 feet away from one of the biggest rock-bands to ever tour.

Def LeopardMy travel-mate, Abby and I ended our perfect day, with our fellow Hotel BlackHawk patrons Def Leopard, Foreigner and Tesla.

Five seats from the stage, we rocked out with the best of Quad Cities. The crowd was awesome. Arm in arm, we sang “I Want To Know What Love Is”, drank Bud Light, and held our actual lighters (okay, we held up our 6s’, but others held up actual lighters).

If you find yourself in Moline, Davenport, Rock Island or Bettendorf and are not working for a Presidential candidate…this is Iowa…You have to stay at the Hotel BlackHawk. Of all the places in the world we’ve traveled, the Hotel BlackHawk ranks in the top 10.

Let’s start with the rooms. The beds are amazing, like a Heavenly Bed, but this isn’t a Westin. And, in my opinion, they are better. The décor is traditional, yet modern. The mirror in the bathroom has a TV built right in. Cheesey, and cool all at the same time. These amenities alone make it your best choice. But what puts it in the top 10 for us is the staff. The shuttle drivers are always prompt, and gladly take you from the airport, shopping for concert clothes, or deliver you curb-side to the 80’s hair-band show.

The bar staff makes their own infused vodka and cinnamon sugar popcorn. Your glass is never empty. And, if, as happened to one of us on an earlier visit, you come down with the flu, someone will gladly bring soup and crackers to your room.

After hours are fun at the hotel too. The week we were in town, Foreigner bowled in the basement bowling alley with the hotel guests.

DuckCityThe second best thing about the Quad Cities is Duck City. It’s a swanky cosmopolitan bistro, across the street from the Hotel Blackhawk. Located in a long-standing shot-gun style building in downtown Davenport, Iowa. Duck City’s current proprietor and executive chef, Jeremy, greets you at the door with a boisterous, funny, engaging visual walk through tonight’s menu. In cases along the right-side of the restaurant are beautifully plated displays of tonight’s dinner selection.  And, there are always many choices.

On our night with Chef Jeremy, we ordered pomme frites fried in duck fat, Louisiana-spicy steak and the biggest pork chop I’ve ever seen stuffed with Swiss that oozed out as you cut into the meat. The wait staff is young and attentive. And, I’ve never seen the place on a slow night. No reservations needed during the week, but everyone warns the weekends are standing room only.


So if you find yourself in the Quad Cities, walk over to Duck City from your beautifully appointed Hotel BlackHawk room, order the giant pork chop and raise a toast to stumbling into fun wherever you find it.

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2 thoughts on “Stumble into Fun: Quad Cities

  1. Most people think Paris if one mentions France. Paris is lovely but there is so much more here. I am determined to fill my days discovering more of its delights!


    1. Paris is the gateway to a beautiful country. I’ll share more posts next year on our time in Normandy. We loved traveling to the coast along tiny two lane roads. You are right, there is so much more to France than Paris. Thanks for the comment.

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