Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The only reason to go to Carlsbad is to the see the spectacular Caverns.  They are worth the trip.

Another special part of the National Park is the evening bat flight. You can sit in the outdoor amphitheater and watch thousands of bats leave the caves to feed on insects at dusk. This phenomenon happens only Spring to October because the bats winter in Mexico.

The National Park is located just west of the town and easy to find. Unfortunately the elevators are undergoing a massive $17 million dollar rebuild, so there is no public elevator for the first half of this year. As of late May 2016, a freight elevator will be open for the public. This is important as the walk can be too difficult for many. Before enter the caverns, take a few minutes to see the film in beautiful Visitor’s Center.

The walk down is one-mile of switch-back trail that takes about an hour to get to the area known as the Big Room. There is a snack shop at that point with jackets if you failed to bring one. The Big Room is about a mile or so and takes close to 1.5 hours to see. The walk out is the worse part, all steep and uphill. The elevators will be a welcome addition.

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