Snowbirds in the Phoenix Winter

In our first winter of retirement, we had to check out Phoenix. We discovered there is a zillion old people down there for the winter! We saw tons of golf courses, several large hospitals and many RV parks the size of most towns in Idaho. The snow birds are an economy all their own.

Phoenix is easy to get around but is very spread out like Denver. The freeway system is great but the two lane highways are pretty rough and in need of repair. We explored several retirement areas, there is something for everyone down there.

The best part of our trip was Spring Training Baseball. There are close to a dozen parks where many of the Major League teams come to get ready for their season. Being Mariner fans, we stayed in the Peoria area so we could be close their stadium. We attended 3 games and watched the Mariners play Arizona Diamondbacks, Kansas City Royals and the Chicago Cubs.

Lots of sun, lots of foul balls to catch, and of course $10 cold beer!

As we left Phoenix we drove about 40 miles northwest to Wickenburg, AZ. It is a charming western town with 2 golf courses, quaint shops and a few RV parks for snowbirds. A nice change from Sun City type of life we saw in Phoenix.

Next stop Bullhead City, NV for a few nights and then onto Las Vegas and then our favorite place, Mesquite, NV.¬† The roadtrip continues…

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