Freestyle at Olympic Park Utah

What was I thinking?  Seemed like a good idea when I was standing at the base of the hill watching and listening the delightful screams of zipliners flying down the hill at the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah.  I’d been the ring leader – offering to take the kids up with me.

This video doesn’t exist

The zipline was just cherry-on-top after a great visit to the Park.  We started our visit with a pre-booked tour.  I 100% recommend.  Everyone in our group, from Grandparents to kids had a good time on the tour.  We had a chance to stand at the top of the bobsled and skeleton tracks.  We leaned over the edge of the Nordic ski jump – you can’t even see the landing point from way up there.  We learned all the stats and facts about the park, the winter Olympics and stories from the Salt Lake Olympics.

You can even take a ride on the bobsled with a professional driver – $175 for 3 minutes of 2G fun. Given my hesitation at the top of the Zipline, I took a pass on the bobsled ride.

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View from the top of the Alpine Ski Jump

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